Procedure requirements for ICR coach practitioners

(I) Practitioner and client are hold to agree upfront on the fee for the session(s) and all additional costs, such as travel expenses, location and other costs.

(II) Practitioner is required to inform the client upfront whether his/her services are accepted by health insurance companies and if the client can file a refund request with his/her health insurance company.

(III) Practitioner has the obligation to complete an intake procedure.

(IV) Practitioner will not execute any session if letter of permission is not yet signed by the client.

(V) Practitioner holds for all clients the personal client-file, including an unique client identification number or label.

(VI) Practitioner asks the client to complete a review- and feedback form, preferable straight after when all sessions are completed or otherwise when necessary. If the client refuses, the practioner marks the refusal in the client file.

(VII) Practitioner holds a privacy statement & policy which applies to all clients. If the practitioner is based in the EU, the privacy statement needs to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).