Agencies, recognized education & training

Before applying for registration and certification a scope related accredited education & training program must be completed.
Individual accreditation
  • If you did not complete an accredited program, however, you did complete a simular program, you can apply for an individual accreditation.
  • Your curriculum will examed against our criteria for the professional scope related training.
  • Please contact our office operations for more information and a quotation.
Agencies, recognized education & training programs
(1) All the education & training programs of our agencies are recognized. We have a close co-operation with our agencies. (Former) student and graduates have benefits. You are advized to take your training with an agency.
(2) Not all training providers are an agency. However, these providers have recognized training programs. (Former) students have no benefits.


ANLP India

IndiaBasic education and CPD
Action FactorySouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
AMV OpleidingenNetherlandsBasic education and CPD
(childcoach / conflictcoach)
CaleidoscoopNetherlandsBasic education and CPD (conflictcoach)
Calm LionAustraliaBasic education and CPD
Choose LifeSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
Coach4SuccessSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
Coaching with NLP (based in UK & South Africa)United KingdomBasic education and CPD
Conflictbemiddeling.NLNetherlandsBasic education and CPD (conflictcoach)
De Mediator OpleidersNetherlandsBasic education and CPD (conflictcoach)
Destiny Life CoachingKenyaBasic education and CPD
Basic education and CPD (conflictcoach)
Essentie | Academie voor PaardenlifecoachingNetherlandsBasic education and CPD
Get the Edge CoachingSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
Hypnose Centrum BelgiëBelgiumBasic education and CPD (hypnosiscoach)
Hypnose Vereniging NederlandNetherlandsCertification non-conformities HVNL members
Innerlijke FamilieNetherlandsBasic education and CPD
Institute of Clinical HypnosisIndiaBasic education and CPD (Hypnosis)
Integrative Life CoachingSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
Learn DutchSouth AfricaBasic Education and CPD (language-coach)
Mental KickstartSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
Meta Skills InstituteSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
Mind the ChangeSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
New Insights Life Coach Training UKUnited KingdomBasic education and CPD
New Insights Life Coach Training SASouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
NLP IndiaIndiaBasic education and CPD
NLP NigeriaGhanaBasic education and CPD
NLP NigeriaNigeriaBasic education and CPD
NLP World SASouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
NLP World UKUnited KingdomBasic education and CPD
Perspective Training CollegeSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
Quantum NLP CoachingSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
Recovery ConnectionsUnited KingdomBasic education and CPD
Rapid Transformational Therapy (Based in UK & USA)
GloballyBasic education and CPD
SA Business CoachesSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
Stichting ParadidaktNetherlandsBasic education and CPD (hypnosiscoach)
Strategisch Coachen GroepNetherlandsBasic education and CPD
Take Off SupportNetherlandsBasic education and CPD (hypnosiscoach)
The Neuro Coaching Method ™South AfricaBasic education and CPD

Basic education and CPD

Transformation Coaching Academy™South AfricaBasic education and CPD
Ubuntu Academy of Coaching and TrainingSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
VCM OpleidersNetherlands
Basic education and CPD (business-, conflict- & inheritancecoach)
VOF Van Hesteren | The Power of HypnosisNetherlandsBasic education and CPD (hypnosiscoach)
VIP international Executive Coaching and Mentoring InstituteSouth AfricaBasic education and CPD
Werk & ScheidingNetherlandsBasic education and CPD
Recognized training NOT handled by agenciesCountriesRecognized for:
American Board for Hypnotherapy (ABH)
GlobalBasic education & CPD hypnosis-coach
American Board for NLP (ABNLP)
GlobalBasic education & CPD NLP-coach
Comensa South Africa
South AfricaBasic education & CPD coach
European mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC)EuropeBasic education & CPD coach
International Coach Federation (ICF)
GlobalBasic education & CPD coach
National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
GlobalBasic education & CPD hypnosis-coach
Nederlandse Orde van Beroepscoaches (NOBCO)
NetherlandsBasic education & CPD coach
OMNI accredited / certified training centres (OMNI)GlobalBasic education & CPD hypnosis-coach