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ICR Coach Register
  • 2 junie 2020
  • Start om 10.00 uur (NL/Zuidafrikaanse tijd)
  • Eindigt om 12:00 uur (NL/Zuidafrikaanse tijd)
  • Taal: Engels & Dutch
  • Geen kosten, openbaar/publiek

Meer dan ooit ontstaat het besef dat onderling contact een wezenlijke succes factor is en we met elkaar hieraan verder vorm kunnen geven. We hebben besloten om maandelijkse chatsessies te houden.

Het doel van de sessies is ondermeer:
Het beantwoorden van jullie vragen m.b.t. ICR Coach Register documenten, procedures, audits etc.
Om te ervaren hoe het met iedereen gaat en welke wensen/verwachtingen bestaan
Hoe wij als ICR Register kunnen bijdragen
Jou de mogelijkheid te bieden om onderling contact te hebben en contact te leggen met andere mensen in de branche.
Let op: de chats staan open voor alle (oud) certificaathouders. De voertaal is Engels en Nederlands.

2 Juni 2020 – 10:00
7 Juli 2020 – 10:00
4 Augustus 2020 – 10:00
1 September 2020 – 10:00
6 Oktober 2020 – 10:00
3 November 2020 – 10:00 (09.00 NL tijd)
Let op: tijdzone = Johannesburg/Pretoria (tijdens zomertijd is geen tijdsverschil tussen Nederland en Zuid Afrika, tijdens wintertijd loopt Zuid Afrika 1 uur voor op Nederland).

As a quality register, as a professional group of coaches, more than ever we realize that fraternal contact is a key success factor, that we need to need to find ways to keep in touch. So, we have decided to host monthly chat sessions.
The purpose of the sessions would be:
to answer your questions on ICR Coach Register related issues, documents, audits etc.,
to see how everyone is doing,
how we as ICR Register can assist,
to give you all a platform to meet each other online and share thoughts, ideas etc.
and for you to make contact with other people in the industry.
Please note that the session will be in English and Dutch.

2 June 2020 – 10:00
7 July 2020 – 10:00
4 August 2020 – 10:00
1 September 2020 – 10:00
6 October 2020 – 10:00
3 November 2020 – 10:00
Time zone: Johannesburg/Pretoria

  • ICR Coach Register
  • 22 April 2020 (woensdag)
  • Start om 10.00 uur (NL/Zuidafrikaanse tijd)
  • Eindigt om 11.30 uur (NL/Zuidafrikaanse tijd)
  • Taal: Engels
  • Geen kosten, openbaar/publiek
  • More on ICR Coach Register and what we can offer
  • Theresa Du Preez, managing director ICR Coach Register
  • Robert Tettelaar, managing director ICC Council
  • ADR Register / ICR Coach Register
  • 25 April 2020 (zaterdag)
  • Start om 10.30 uur (NL/Zuidafrikaanse tijd)
  • Eindigt om 12.00 uur (NL/Zuidafrikaanse tijd)
  • Taal: Engels
  • Geen kosten, openbaar/publiek
  • Creativity | Michael Lee
  • This coming Saturday 25 April we are having a guest speaker from Johannesburg, South Africa, Michael Lee, to share with us the importance of CREATIVITY in coaching in these times - and all times.

    He promises to deliver a breakthrough in your creative thinking for you on the webinar, as well as showing you how to increase the creative thinking of yourself and your clients ongoingly.

    He and our member Deon Groenewald of Action Factory are launching a new Creativity Coaching Certification this coming week which he will tell you about as well. You can read more about this new opportunity at is author of the upcoming book “An Innovation Explosion”. He is a coach, facilitator, speaker, writer, and thought leader on creative thinking and innovation. He is also a filmmaker with more than twenty years of experience in the film/TV industry on three continents. You can read more about him in his attached bio.

    Michael also offers an ebooklet called Innovation Fast Hacks which you can also download at no cost at the way, 25 April is also Michael’s birthday so we ask you to please join in honour of that as well, and to be ready to sing Happy Birthday to him! (You can even do it with your mike muted!)

  • ADR Register / ICR Coach Register
  • 29 April 2020 (woensdag)
  • Start om 10.00 uur (NL/Zuidafrikaanse tijd)
  • Eindigt om 11.30 uur (NL/Zuidafrikaanse tijd)
  • Taal: Engels
  • Geen kosten, openbaar/publiek

  • Innovation Post COVID-19
  • Dave Nemeth of Trend-Forward
  • Dave is a qualified designer who has held a variety of senior as well as executive positions with some of the country's leading retail groups, spanning a career of twenty years. He is the owner of Trend-Forward a trend consulting business and is often referred to as one of the country's leading trend analysts and creative thinkers, by a host of publications, media and business. Often a keynote speaker at a variety of conferences and debates, his energetic approach has ensured a continual growth. His biggest strength lies in the execution of disruptive strategies. He runs the company by the fact that "Knowledge is NOT power, the ability to APPLY knowledge is power".
  • "True innovation occurs when you take what you have at hand and create something else, something new, something unique that people will relate to and use in an easy and novel way."