A. (Antonette) Schminke

 A. (Antonette) Schminke
A. (Antonette) Schminke
Antonette Schminke is a Neuro Coach as well as a credited NBI-Practitioner. Her goal, her aim, her passion is to empower and help to guide people back to their true version of themselves by pausing in the present, evaluating where they are at the moment and finding their "why" they don't need to stay there. She helps to formulate your truest vision for yourself to make a break through your default way of living and reaching those goals. She provides the necessary insight, knowledge, skills and techniques to individuals, groups and teams to reach their full potential and to coach individuals valuable insights into their thinking preferences.

She specialises in relationship styles, parenting styles, weight management, career guidance, subject choices and is currently training as a behavioral change facilitator, and performance enhancement.

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