123CY Business and Life Strategy

123CY Business and Life Strategy
123CY Business and Life Strategy

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Leipoldt Street, Dan Pienaar, Mangaung Ward 44, Bloemfontein, Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality, Vrijstaat, 9301, Zuid-Afrika

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People. Nature. Tech. Work. Business. Learning. Play.
Grow in Gratitude
As an executive –
growing a sustainable business
adding value at work
excelling at university or school –
you are constantly developing your character and competence to embrace the ever-increasing responsibilities entrusted to you.

To grow is to live. We grow in gratitude as we accept our lives and commit to relationships, work, play, rest etcetera. Our ability to generate joy at work, at school, at home, is greatly enhanced by our willingness to anchor our roots in gratitude.

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