Transform 4 Happiness Coaching / Denise Anthony Consulting (Pty) Ltd

Transform 4 Happiness Coaching / Denise Anthony Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Transform 4 Happiness Coaching / Denise Anthony Consulting (Pty) Ltd

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Are you the Happiest you can be?
Are you Living Your Best Life?
Have you Mastered Your Life?

Happiness is my business! And I help you have inner happiness, by getting rid of whatever is preventing your inner happiness, and by teaching you how to attract the thoughts, emotions and things that give you your inner happiness.

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There are various factors that inhibit attaining a state of happiness. You might experience inner conflicts within yourself, it’s that little voice, perhaps doubt or fear, that is constantly clashing with the part of you that wants to move forward and to achieve the results you want.
Another inhibitor of happiness is emotional baggage, carrying unresolved negative emotions such as doubt, guilt, hurt, sadness, fear, anger, depression, hopelessness, abandonment, anxiety, worthlessness, rejection, hate, grief, regret and shame amongst others that developed from earlier events or experiences in your life.
Attaining happiness is also inhibited by negative or limiting beliefs such as doubts about yourself and your capabilities or feeling that you are not good enough; poor self-esteem that perpetuates a cycle of poor self-image, poor self-confidence, feelings of low self-worth and lack of self-love. Difficulty in achieving your goals, procrastination, inappropriate communication, work challenges, challenges of being overweight, could also prevent you from reaching that state of happiness. Or you may just not be feeling fulfilled, which prevents you from feeling happy.

I am based in Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa and I coach individuals anywhere in the world by phone or skype. I have successfully coached individuals from students, young adults, entrepreneurs, professionals, corporate workers, to global executives. For testimonials visit my website

My transformation life coaching is based on a variety of powerful life coaching methodologies, transformation coaching techniques and therapies, neuro-science, neuro-linguistic programming, advanced positive psychology, success mindset strategies, quantum physics and so much more.

I choose to be a Transformation Life Coach because I believe in people's innate capacity for growth and change, and I love guiding people towards having the Life they choose. My mission is to empower people to have wholesome and fulfilling lives, and to be all that they can be. My Life's Vision is a world filled with HAPPY PEOPLE vibrating at high emotional frequencies. And so I choose to help people "Transform 4 Happiness" and master their lives, one person at a time, irrespective of life-stage, field of work, or background.

I guide a person on their journey of growth and change from where they are at, to where they choose to be. Radical change is created in a short space of time.

A bit more about me

I have over 38 years' experience working with people as a Professional Social Worker, and as a social activist. I have worked with a range of organisations involved in improving the quality of life of disadvantaged individuals and communities. I also hold a Post-Graduate Diploma in the Management of HIV and AIDS in the World of Work, and a Diploma in Human Resources Management. My work experience has been people-centred and includes the areas of counselling; wellness; HIV and AIDS; disability; youth; women; human resources management; retrenchments; mentoring; coaching; strategic management; and training & development across the private, non-governmental and government sectors.

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