G.P. (Gerda) Hayes

 G.P.  (Gerda) Hayes
G.P. (Gerda) Hayes
With a diverse academic background and a profound dedication to neurodiversity, I bring a wealth of experience to my role as an integrative life coach. I hold a B.Sc. degree from the University of Stellenbosch, majoring in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Psychology, followed by an honours degree in Computer Science and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).
My journey began with a successful 25-year career as a Software Developer. However, my true calling emerged after a personal revelation: discovering I am on the Autism Spectrum. This pivotal moment led me to transition into Life Coaching, where I now specialize in neurodiversity coaching.
My most cherished role is being a mother to three wonderful girls. My personal experiences with neurodiversity, including overcoming a misdiagnosis of bipolar mood disorder, have given me unique insights and a deep empathy for others navigating similar paths.
In my practice, I focus on empowering neurodiverse individuals to understand and embrace their unique strengths. I believe neurodiversity is not an illness but a gift, and I am passionate about helping my clients unlock their true potential and reclaim their legacy. I intentionally apply my knowledge of energy-efficient living to promote creativity and zest for life in my clients.
I am committed to continuous learning and am currently contemplating pursuing a doctorate degree in Neurodiversity and Multilevel Neuroprocessing to further my expertise. Embracing my AuDHD identity, I strive to support and empower individuals to live authentically and thrive.

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