D. (David) Smith

 D. (David) Smith
D. (David) Smith
My name is David Smith. I have been working in the field of Leadership and People Development since approximately 2001. I am a Leadership and Life Coach, Counsellor and Facilitator and have a keen interest in understanding human behaviour, why we think, feel and act the way we do. As a Coach and Counsellor I enjoy making a positive contribution to people’s lives, helping to provide understanding, awareness, (a different) perspective, unlocking potential and self-confidence.

Here are some of the ways how can I help you or your organisation:
• Transforming Managers into Coaches
• To improve Workplace Relationships
• Develop Employee Happiness and Wellbeing (a passion of mine)
• Improving Teamwork
• Create greater job satisfaction
• Improving the overall quality and organisational performance
• Help to develop Happier Employees which are more engaged
• Increasing productivity
• Lower rate of absenteeism from work

With anything I do, I endeavour to leave it (or the person) in a better condition as when I found them. I will undoubtedly add value to your organisation and leave it in a better condition as I found it.

I am looking forward to discuss how I can be of assistance to you.

David Smith
Mobile: +7 705 599 3322
WhatsApp: +27 82 853 8133
Email: icandevelopmyself@gmail.com

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