A. Spruijt - Sitch

drs A. Spruijt - Sitch
drs A. Spruijt - Sitch
Translation Interpreting

Certified translations and Interpreting in German, English, French, Dutch, Italian and Hebrew

International mediation

Conflicts in the professional field, divorce, business conflicts, conflicts with governmental bodies, Financial institutions, Education, Art and Culture, Consumer versus companies, Housing market, International relations/ clients

Mediation is alternative dispute resolution by a third neutral, experienced and knowledgable party. Mediation has been used for centuries and has proved to be a constructive way of solving conflicts.It avoids legal procedures, high lawyer costs, and a feeling of injustice and frustration. A dispute is analyzed and traced back in all detail, by seperating it from any emotional element.

At the end of a mediation session, people have more understanding for eachother, and are often able to continue an improved relation or better way of communication with eachother and progress further in a positive manner.
The parties work together to find a wise and appropriate solution, acceptable for both parties.
I specialize in mediation for companies and individuals, involving different cultures and/ or languages. In each culture we have to deal with different reference frames and social codes of conduct, making communication more challenging.


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