A. (Andre) Human

 A. (Andre) Human
A. (Andre) Human
Education & Experience
I have a B.Com degree and 21 years’ experience in running my own and others’ businesses.
I am a qualified SA Business Coach.
I have taken the time to mould my abilities, knowledge, skills and experience into a product and service which will add massive value to you as a business owner.


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ICR coach | associate certified Businesscoach ICR.BUSINESSCOACH.ICR COACH | ASSOCIATE CERTIFIED.A. (ANDRE)-HUMAN.2021-06-01.FOKXES 2027-01-01
ICR coach | associate certified Coach ICR.COACH.ICR COACH | ASSOCIATE CERTIFIED.A. (ANDRE)-HUMAN.2021-06-01.JCHT9N 2027-01-01

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