Refunds by health insurance companies

Health insurance companies do not automatically refund the costs for a service or session done by an ICR coach practitioner.
All health insurance companies have their own criteria on refunding costs for health related services and sessions.
The ICR coach practitioners have no obligation to comply with the criteria on refunding costs.
However, the ICR coach practitioners are obliged to inform the client upfront whether they comply with the critreria on refunding.
!! Qualifying for refunds not automatically guarantees the actual refund !!
If the ICR coach practitioner qualifies for the refunding of costs by the health insurance company, this does not mean the client actually gets the refund. If the client gets a whole or partial refund, depends on several subjects, such as (1) does the polis covers this service or sessions? (2) are refunds limited? (3) did previous refunds effects the available budget within the polis and is there any budget left? (4) do own-risk-conditions apply? The client him/herself has the obligation to find with the haelth insurance company if a refund will be granted and paid out. The ICR coach practitioner is not liable for this.
The Netherlands
The health insurance companies in The Netherlands have standarized the policy on refunds. If a medical professional can show proof of (1) a sufficient level of basis medical knowledge (MBK) of (2) a sufficient level of psychological-social knowledge (PSBK), the offered services and sessions qualify for refunds. If the level is not sufficient or can not be proven, the medical professional does not qualify and as result the client will not get any refund.

The critria on MBK and PSBK are set and operated by PLATO (= Platform Onderwijs Opleiding Organisatie = Platform Education Training Organisation), subsidairy of the University of Leiden (Rijksuniversiteit Leiden).

If the ICR coach practitioner has a AGB-code, the health insurance company handles the invoice or declaration online and pays the IHR practitioner directly; as effect the cliƫnt does not pay directly to the ICR coach practitioner.

All ICR coach practitioners can display their current MBK and PSBK status and the AGB-code in the public profiles, so clients can see within one view if any refund is possible or not.