WKKGZ (Netherlands)

Up from January 1, 2016 the WKKGZ is in applicable in the Netherlands.
WKKGZ stands for 'Wet Kwaliteit Klachten Geschillen Zorg',
meaning: Law on Quality, Complaints and Disputes in the Dutch Health Industry.
Up from January 1, 2017 all complaints and dispute settlement procedures must be handled in accordance with the WKKGZ.
The WKKGZ does not apply to all ICR coach practitioners.
If not applicable, ICR Coach Register handles complaints against the regular ICR rules and procedures.
WKKGZ: applicable yes of no? Find out yourself!
(1) Some coaches have to comply with the WKKGZ, however, the WKKGZ is not clear on this.
(2) The WKKGZ is applicable to ICR coach practitioners (1) based in the Netherlands or (2) not based in the Netherlands, however, providing services / sessions in the Netherlands.
(3) If a Dutch based ICR coach practitioner provides the services / sessions outside the Netherlands, the WKKGZ is applicable, unless the IHR practitioner did exclude the Dutch law (including the WKKGZ) and declared a non-Dutch-law applicable.
(4) If a Dutch client requests outside the Netherlands a service / session with a non-Dutch-based ICR coach practitioner, the WKKGZ is not applicable, unless the client and the ICR coach practitioner did agree on this on an additional, voluntary basis only.
WKKGZ and refunds by health insurance companies
The WKKGZ has no clauses on refunds by health insurance companies. The fact an ICR coach practitioner complies with the WKKGZ is therefor not a guarantee for any refund made or granted by any health insurance company.
WKKGZ procedure
The client must file an official written complaint with Global Network Group | ICR Coach Register.
Phase 1
ICR Coach Register informs the client, information will supplied on rights, procedures and assistance. ICR Coach Register investigates whether the complaint is inadmissible or not and rules on this. Together with the client and the IHR practitioner we do our utmost to realize an amicable settlement.
Phase 2
If an amicable settlement is not possible, a complaint committee will be asked to reach a binding arbitration verdict. Before starting the arbitration procedure, the committee decides whether the complaint is inadmissible of not and rules on this.
If the WKKGZ applies: costs will be invoiced. Check the GNG rules WKKGZ complaints for fees and costs.
ICR coach practitioners comply with the ICR code of conduct and procedure requirements, meaning that a formal intake procedure is compulsory, the client must sign a permission declaration and no guarantees will be given with regard to the ooutcome and result of the service or session. The WKKGZ is not applicable to all ICR coach practitioners. All these aspects effects the ruling on inadmissible or not.