About us

ABOUT ICR Coach Register
  • ICR Coach Register records and certifies ICR coach practitioners (coaches, business-coaches, child-coaches, conflict-coaches, hypnosis-coaches, inheritance-coaches, NLP-coaches) and their companies.
  • ICR Coach Register is the global mark and register for well-trained ICR coach practitioners.
  • ICR Coach practitioners work locally, nationally and internationally, are connected to a variety of sectors and are distinguished by specializations.
  • ICR Coach Register is a subsidiaryof registration and certification specialist Global Network Group. As a direct result ICR coach practitioners are made more visible in several registers and essential online register functions & search engines are monitored and upgraded 24/7.
  • ICR Coach Register holds several international accreditations, such as ISO 9001, QAP IMI.
Our registered and certified practitioners are well trained and motivated professionals which:
- Put the customer's targets and goals in front;
- Deliver added value for your money;
- Keep improving themselfs through Contining Professional Development (ongoing education);
- Comply with the code of conduct and procedure requirements;
- Accountable based on independent disciplinary rules and dispute settlement handling;
- If full certified: have the obligation to have a professional and business liability insurance;
- Are market-oriented professionals, active on the local, national or international market;
- Are part of an international network of professionals.
  • ICR Coach Register is 100% independent
  • ICR registration and certification can be linked to membership of a professional or industry association branch
Our keywords & promises
- Independent & reliable;
- Affordable, effective & to-the-point;
- Approachable, operated out of The Netherlands and South Africa;
- Tailor-made solutions;
- Internationally recognised;
- ISO 9001 certified by LLoyds Register;
- Supervised by ICC Council;
- Accredited as Qualifying Assessment Program (QAP) with International Mediation Institute (IMI);
- Accredited as WKKGZ dispute handling organization (Dutch Minister of Health),
- Up from January 1, 2019: recognized by the Dutch Legal Aid Board handling on behalf of the Minister of Justice.
Disciplinary rules
  • Each practitioner is subject to the operation of the disciplinary rules.
  • The disciplinary rules are linked to code of conduct and procedure requirements.
Dispute settlement & arbitration
  • Professional rules for dispute settlement & arbitration are available.
  • Practitioners and their clients can voluntary choose to settle a dispute by complying with these rules.
  • The procedure is more time- and cost effective than a regular law-case.
Internal investgations
  • ICR Coach Register holds the right to start an internal investigation.
  • Practitioners must co-operate when asked.
  • All full certified ICR coach practitioners have a qualifying liability insurance.
Well educated and trained | ongoing maintenance knowledge and skills
  • Each certificate holder is professionally trained and required each year to refresh their own knowledge and skills.
  • The annual maintenance obligations are regulated in the CPD program (Continuing Professional Development).
  • ICR Coach Register facilitates its certificate holders.
  • Through agreements procurement benefits from suppliers are negotiated, for example relating to online workstations / insurance.
  • ICR coach certificateholders may use model documents and support services.