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iCan Training LTD

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Michurinets Str. 163, Alatau District
050032 Almaty

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Michurinets Str. 163, Alatau District, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 050032

T: +7 705 599 3322
M: +27 (0) 82 853 8133 (WhatsApp)
iCan Training is the Kazakhstan branch and continuation of Leadership The EPL Way.

What does leadership The EPL Way stand for?

- leadership -

Every person is a leader - a leader of one's own life, one's daily thoughts, feelings, choices and behaviour.

We support the idea of leadership from the inside-out. Most leadership authors acknowledge that personal leadership precedes interpersonal and professional leadership.

The missing link in leadership development of the past seems to have been a lack of understanding that in order to develop a leader, one needs first to develop the person, and second, his or her ability to relate to others.

Leadership today is described as an authentic expression of who we are. It begins with knowing who you are and what you stand for.

- The EPL Way -
The early Greeks had a magnificent philosophy that underlines the inside-out approach to leadership development. They used three sequentially arranged words to describe the essence of what we would call leadership: Ethos, Pathos and Logos. These three Greek words form the backbone of Leadership The EPL Way.

- defining EPL -
E = Ethos: Character, Moral Integrity
P = Pathos: Caring, Compassion, Connecting
L = Logos: Competence, Meaningful Life and Work


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