Jeff Israel Nthiwa

Master Coach Jeff Israel Nthiwa Strategic Intervention Life Coach
Master Coach Jeff Israel Nthiwa Strategic Intervention Life Coach
 Imagine learning the life coaching skill and coaching your clients with confidence helping them create powerful RESULTS in each session. Imagine helping them live their lives in a CONSTANT state of awe and FLOW daily? Imagine being known as a transformational coach changing peoples lives on every call.
 Imagine how your life would change if you finally trained and gotten certified in a career that gives you the opportunity to serve humanity with your passion as well as making a lot of money in the process.
 Imagine how your life would be radically improved if you could break all limiting patterns and mental programming from the past and find your inner brilliance that makes it possible for you to live a life of zero limits...
Well, that's precisely what we do at DESTINY LIFE COACHING. I train and mentor Coaches to find the best strategies to help their clients BREAKTHROUGH all their personal and professional life limits!

The entry bar to becoming a coach is very low anyone can become a coach but the success bar to becoming an extraordinary coach is very high.
Most coaching schools only focus on giving you the coaching skill but not the mastery of the coaching business.

Our coach training program helps you find yourself first, then find the best coaching practice fit for you. We help you to Find your spark, Light Your Inner Fire.
I can help you to:
Realize your true north and your hidden inner brilliance!!
Experience FEARLESS coaching and master the art and science of coaching.
Break all your limiting PATTERNS and programs acquired in your past, CREATE your personal and professional ideal vision, live in a state of FLOW daily.

Register for the upcoming coach training Bootcamp or simply take the online coach training & Certification from the comfort of your location.

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