L. (Lisanne) Faasse

 L. (Lisanne) Faasse
L. (Lisanne) Faasse
Lisanne Faasse
Juridisch adviseur & Familie mediator in opleiding

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Nieuwe Faasse | Lisanne Faasse 62, Prinses Margriethof, Naarden, Gooise Meren, North Holland, Netherlands, 1411BX, Netherlands


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Recognition (training program) Training provider AMV Opleidingen Register scheidingsadviseur® ICR.TRAINING PROVIDER AMV OPLEIDINGEN REGISTER SCHEIDINGSADVISEUR®.RECOGNITION (TRAINING PROGRAM).L. (LISANNE)-FAASSE.2023-02-01.JHYYAD N/A
Certification (associate) Conflictnavigator - conflict coach ADR.ICR.CONFLICTNAVIGATOR - CONFLICT COACH.CERTIFICATION (ASSOCIATE).L. (LISANNE)-FAASSE.2022-10-01.MXCVDN 2028-01-01

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