N. (Nelene) Flemming

 N. (Nelene) Flemming
N. (Nelene) Flemming
Nelene is : ordinary with a big vision
Nelene Flemming is a leading and progressive Life Strategist who understands the true essence of the human and what each person has been destined to be. She enables people to reconnect and reawaken that original self that each person has been born to become.

Her own journey of overcoming limiting beliefs and transforming her life speaks for itself in the process she follows to ignite the journey of success. Her powerful ability of visualisation allows you to prepare for the future.

As stated by one of her clients:

“Visualise Nelene as a unique, original, natural, well spoken, compassionate and kind person – and yes, all of this is true! She is energetic and not afraid to dream big. As coach, life or sport, her enthusiasm shown encouragement instilled in a real sense of fun. Her sincerity and passion for wanting to help others and better the lives of others, are very and always evident.”


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