J.P. (Jonathan) O'Hanlon

 J.P. (Jonathan) O'Hanlon
J.P. (Jonathan) O'Hanlon
ICR certified coach Jonathan O'Hanlon

Jon specialises in Executive Coaching, Professional Athletes, Individuals, Young Adults, and School College & University leavers.

Increasingly today C-suites are seeking to become more Conscious Leaders which requires coaching in Emotional Intelligence (Personal Awareness & Interpersonal Relationships) and Spiritual Intelligence (Higher Purpose, Ethics, Care, Compassion, Love, and Service to others and the Planet).

These skills have always been at the core of Jon's coaching, and the talks that he gives as an Inspirational Speaker.

The first person to run across the continent of Africa, 2,600 kilometres, a marathon every day for 3 months,

Whilst having progressed through a number of different careers Jon’s passion has always been in sport, health and fitness keeping himself in shape and exceptionally fit at all times.

Through his youthful outlook on life he has developed a special affinity and connection with younger people, and has recently worked with the Western Province (South Africa) U19 rugby, hockey and tennis academies.

Not only does he provide Life Skills Coaching and Inspirational & Motivational Talks to athletes, he has also developed a dedicated coaching programme aimed at young adults as well as coaching programmes for individuals and corporate executives and employees.

Applying his life’s experiences Jon shows how to draw parallels between sporting endeavours and life, enables deeper understanding of one’s thoughts and behaviour and thus that of others too; greater teamwork, and a more balanced approach to life all leading to greater peace, happiness and success.

Jon has had a varied and interesting career, starting with 14 years in the SA Navy from which he resigned as a Lieutenant Commander, then spending time at Woolworths and Old Mutual in IT Project Management before leaving to set up his own business in this field for 13 years. Being an avid sportsman and fitness fanatic, during this time Jon also qualified as a Personal Trainer, as well as the Advanced Train the Trainer Course. Putting IT behind him, although not completely, already a cricket, hockey, golf and multi-day trail running coach, Jon then moved into the field where his passion lies, that of Life Skills Coaching. Somewhere along the way he managed to also write and self-publish his popular book, Can Anyone Here Sing? – six perspectives of peace

> Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering – University College, Cape Town

> Programme for Management Development – MBA short course, University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business

> Diploma IT Project Management – Faculty Training Institute

> Personal Trainer Level 2 & 3 (Lifetime, London) – Member of the Register of Exercise Professionals of the United Kingdom)

> Certificate in Life Coaching – New Insights

> Published author – Can Anyone Here Sing? – six perspectives of peace

Jon made the decision to take on Life Coaching as his chosen career because he had something unique to offer. Not only can he offer the individuals that he coaches the knowledge on what they need to do to live a life all in balance, but he can show them how to apply this knowledge and use it; and he mentors them through this process, every step of the way.

In his earlier life his preference was for team sports where he excelled at cricket, with a personal best of 7 wickets for 42 runs for Cape Town Cricket Club helping them win the final of the National Club Championships; and hockey, being selected for the South African University Colleges team; and coaching a number of clubs and teams at the highest level in both these sports.

Being exceptionally fit then led him into the running world where he competed in marathons and ultra-marathons followed by triathlons and trail running, and the acknowledgement of not only his fitness and physical endurance but his mental strength as well – something that he uses to great effect when drawing parallels to life’s trials and tribulations.

It was at this point in his life, June 2008, that the dream was born to do something extreme to raise the world’s awareness to elephant conservation, and water sustainability, and the decision to run across the African continent was made. 7 years later, almost exactly to the day, after competing in a number of extreme multistage events as training and to test his endurance: the 3 day African X and Southern Cross runs, and the 5 day Cape Odyssey and Namib Desert Challenge events, Jon set out and completed his run across Africa, a distance of 2,600km running a marathon every day for 3 months. The many challenges, mistakes, physical and mental hardships, as well as successes, good times, and joys experienced in the planning, running, and aftermath of the event have also provided a wealth of insights that he uses in his coaching life.

Jon has two amazing and beautiful daughters Kim Angelique (30) and Debbie Lee (28).

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