D.M. (Dobbie) Booy

 D.M. (Dobbie) Booy
D.M. (Dobbie) Booy
Dobbie Booy
MLNP Life - and Business Coach
Emalahleni, Mpumalanga, South Africa

I help businesses/entrepreneurs get rid of the high frustration to be able to be creative and grow and maximise their professional potential.
I help people to create a better future for themselves by using knowledge, insight, questions and coaching tools.
I help businesses with climate studies using eco-metric assessments to identify interference and thereby promote corporate wellness. I don't build businesses, I build people who build businesses.

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.
Richard Branson

Businesses I work with Nashua Mpumalanga, Nashua Lowveld, Nashua Ermelo and Aurik.

Performance Equals Potential minus Interference.

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Certification (sub scope) Sub scope The Neuro Coach Method ™ | Life Coach® ICR.SUB SCOPE THE NEURO COACH METHOD ™ | LIFE COACH®.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).D.M. (DOBBIE)-BOOY.2023-08-01.FEYPLM 2029-01-01
Certification (full) Business-coach ICR.BUSINESS-COACH.CERTIFICATION (FULL).D.M. (DOBBIE)-BOOY.2023-08-01.OBRSSG 2029-01-01
Certification (full) Coach ICR.COACH.CERTIFICATION (FULL).D.M. (DOBBIE)-BOOY.2023-08-01.SNSDZL 2029-01-01
Certification (associate) Business-coach ICR.BUSINESS-COACH.CERTIFICATION (ASSOCIATE).D.M. (DOBBIE)-BOOY.2019-10-01.E0LXA4 2023-08-01
Certification (full) Coach ICR.COACH.CERTIFICATION (FULL).D.M. (DOBBIE)-BOOY.2017-07-01.2F2A9S 2023-08-01

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