ADR Register IMI QAP for Africa & introduction new skills test mediators

Johannesburg, July 15th 2016
ADR Register is now IMI QAP for Africa | ADR Register introduces new profile based skills test for mediators
Global Network Group (GNG) | African Network Group (ANG) is very proud to announce that one of its subsidiary companies - ADR Register is accredited as Qualifying Assessment Programme (QAP) of the International Mediation Institute (IMI) for the African continent. Since 2011 ADR Register was already accredited as IMI QAP for Europe.
Herewith ADR Register offers professional mediators in (South) Africa the unique opportunity to join the rapidly growing international group of international certified ADR practitioners & mediators. Mediators as well as their clients benefit from this. It is guaranteed the mediation services and processes are executed against modern, well thought-out, proved-in-practice and international standards, including code of conduct, right of complaint, CPD requirements.
Together with our QAP accreditation ADR Register introduces the 1st profile based skills test for mediators. This profiling assessment programme has been created by the ADR Register in conjunction with Foundation ACB | Corporate ADR & Mediation (ACB Foundation) from the Netherlands.
The ACB Foundation identified a set of criteria that are important for mediation training programs to guarantee that prospective mediators are trained in a way as to ensure a solid base to become commercial or legal mediators.
“The quality of mediators and the interests of the private sector are not served through prescribing a specific mediation style or approach. Self-evaluation, continuous professional development with peer feedback as well as a clear understanding of the mediator of their own style and approach is crucial”, says Manon Schonewille, the President of ACB Foundation. “We have developed a 3-step assessment programme in conjunction with ADR Register where the mediator receives individual feedback from an assessor in several instances both on their performance during the assessment and whilst reviewing how the mediator deals with mediations in practice.”
The idea behind this assessment is to give young (meaning ‘new to the field’) mediators a chance to assure potential clients and mediation providers that they meet quality standards, which will help them to acquire cases (either on their own or as co-mediator) that are necessary to gain sufficient experience to become an ADR full certified mediator and to have access to the additional title IMI Certified Mediator.
This also offers the mediator a first step in an ongoing professional development system that will guide and monitor them in gaining experience whilst embarking on a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) path, including self-reflection and peer intervention that should stimulate the mediator to continue the habit of self-reflection and seeking peer reviews.
The mediator skills that are tested during the performance based assessment, as well as the interview, fall into the following categories:
  • Professional attitude, self-reflection and professional development
  • Managing the process, including generating options, decision-making, closure, implementation and follow-up of mediations
  • Advanced mediation process management skills
ADR Register will facilitate the launch and management of this programme in African countries.
ADR Register, established in 2011, is an independent and by Lloyds Register Netherlands ISO 9001:2015 certified register for the registration and certification of ADR professionals (e.g. arbitrators, conflict coaches, mediators, negotiators), organizations (e.g. companies and institutes) and products (e.g. education and training programmes) worldwide.
ADR Register has its regional offices in Johannesburg (South Africa), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Emmerich (Germany).
ADR Register and ICR Coach Register are subsidiaries of Global Network Group (GNG) and African Network Group (ANG).
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