Introduction language coaches

Cape Town | Rotterdam, November 25th 2015
Strong co-operation between ICR Coach Register and Learn Dutch benifits professional language coaches.
Registration and certification based on clear and transparant criteria.
Language coaches now 24/7 searchable.

Successfully obtained a language certificate, looking for a job, just started your own business? Perhaps you obtained a language certificate a while ago and kept your proficiency up-to-date. Or you finally want to do something with that language qualification and want to brush up on your skills. You might even be looking for a job where you can utilize your accomplishments in that language.
The Language-coach could be something for you.
You will have the minimum B2 level certificate according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Via your public online profile and your certificate of competence, visible to all, you will prove that you are skilled in the relevant language and that you have maintained your proficiency.
Registration and certification as language coach benefits and provides added value to your business!
  • It will reflect which particular quality you possess and for the potential customer, what they will gain.
  • Your profile will also highlight a direction you could take: language in general, research, translation, teaching but also if you should seek employment with an entity or be self-employed.
  • ICR Coach Register is a public online register with 24/7 access and 100% independent. As a result: ICR Coach Register is solid information tools for (potential) clients and other market organizations.
The certificate of competence is valid for two years however, it is a prerequisite that your proficiency level is maintained. This level will be monitored by the Continuing professional Development Program (CPD program). If you comply with the CPD requirements you can renew your registration and certification for another period of 2 years.
On application the first six months membership is free, thereafter it is ZAR 1.500,- (African continent) or Euro 150,- (all other continents) for the remaining 18 months of your 2 years full registration and certification period. No other costs! Dutch VAT 21% added if applicable.
ICR Coach Register has its registered office in Rotterdam (Netherlands), is a subsidiary of Global Network Group and offers registration & certification for professional coaches.
Learn Dutch for language based business support and training, registered in South Africa, offers Dutch lessons in Cape Town where we teach children, private and corporate clients about the Dutch language and culture. We offer tailor-made classes for any professional field or interest.
For more information about ICR Coach Register and the language coach please contact:
  • In (South) Africa
  • Theresa Du Preez
  • +27(0)82 712 5680
  • In Europe
  • Robert Tettelaar
  • +31(0)6 5437 5167 or +27(0)10 593 5017
For more information about Learn Dutch and the language coach please contact:
  • Charl Hirschmann
  • +27(0)72 747 0564