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OR Tambo International Airport, Trichardts Road, Bartlett Ext 20, Ekurhuleni Ward 92, City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, 1462, South Africa

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Who we are:
Vision: Inspiring authentic leadership through education, empowerment, and coaching.
Mission: Empower individuals and organisations to lead and manage change by providing the right tools.
Goal: Serving individuals, communities, and organisations to maximise and sustain gains.

1LeadRoot is an executive consulting company whose passion is to develop leaders, entrepreneurs, organisations, and businesses for growth and excellence in Africa and globally. We work with leaders, businesses, governments, and NGOs worldwide. Our expertise is in executive coaching/ leadership development, organisational & business development, and health promotion communication.
At 1LeadRoot, we believe that there is only one way to be a leader in your industry- that is to build strong foundations from the root up. Our team of consultants are here to help you do exactly that. 1LeadRoot has a team of dynamic and innovative consultants with over 15-30 years’ experience of working in business, coaching, governance, communication, and public health. With representative offices in Asia, America, and Europe, the expertise of 1LeadRoot makes it a sought-after consulting company across Africa and the rest of the world.
Our consulting team is made up of highly qualified and experienced professionals. They have worked across continents in various multi-national organisations. Their skills include strategic and critical thinking, entrepreneurial development and business growth consulting, career guidance, business administration, supply chain, project management (development, initiation, monitoring-evaluation-review, and positioning), public health and business communication, and innovative research. Our consultants speak and write English, French, and Portuguese languages.

Track record:
In the past, we have coached CEOs, political leaders, board members, and entrepreneurs; undertaken complex projects including the overhaul of entire company operational systems; market re-engineering and expansion; product and brand positioning; business sustainability strategising including value positioning and growth into new territories; customer satisfaction and clientele-bases business principles; mastering including equipping trainers with the requisite skills to be able to train others in their field of expertise; start-up coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners including resilience and survival techniques.
We have successfully executed some projects for governments, United Nations, and key industries in the African continent such as the service industry, construction, IT, health & safety, agricultural, alternative energy, car, and cosmetic industries. We have also done nationwide research to support their strategic decision making.
In addition to the above, we also offer customised training packages for our clients based on their area and level of need.

Value added service:
We offer cross regional and global trade promotion for businesses and entrepreneurs that want to expand and grow their businesses into others markets within Africa and globally. This service includes product suitability consulting, and business/ trade tours to meet with other business owners to explore trade and partnerships.

For more information, contact info@1leadroot.com


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