Adel Dreyer - Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

Adel Dreyer - Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach
Adel Dreyer - Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach

Postal Address
22 Unie Street
7280 Bredasdorp
South Africa

Visiting Address
22 Unie Street, Bredasdorp 7280, South Africa

T: +27 (0) 826900684
M: +27 (0) 826900684
Why Choose Adél?

People are her passion and bringing out the best in everyone is what she does best.

“If I can make a positive difference and help at least one person a day to improve his/her life, then that was a great day”

~ Adél Dreyer

With her ability to instill confidence, teach communication skills, and awaken an inner vision, her friendly and nurturing nature had cemented her position as a leader in the leadership and wellness industry.

Adél’s success in mind-body therapy rests on her belief to address not only emotional challenges but focuses on total wellbeing.
She is a qualified life coach and health and wellness, specialist. Her quest to transform lives had led to her popularity as a motivational speaker, life coach, and nutritionist. 

This versatile life coach designs optimal wellness strategies for the individual and for families, addressing each individual’s needs.

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