Calm Lion Pty Ltd | Dr Buddhima Lokuge

Calm Lion Pty Ltd | Dr Buddhima Lokuge
Calm Lion Pty Ltd | Dr Buddhima Lokuge

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60 King St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

Professional Attachment, Relationship and Recovery coaching
Calm Lion is an international network of recovery (wellness) coaches and training facilitators founded by Buddhi Lokuge and David Collins.
We guide coaches on their journey of growth, self discovery and awareness of self-sabotaging and unhelpful behaviours. Behaviours that interfere with achieving our personal, parental, leadership, life and business goals. We help coaches and coachees "recovery" their infinite potential by becoming aware of these unhelpful behaviours and guiding their transformation into assets and strengths. We offer a community of mentors and supervisors to grow the skills and career paths of coaches so that they can give back (and continue to grow) through supporting others. We are committed to high quality service, ethical standards of practice, accessibility and reaching all those with a calling for this work.


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