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I am Coleen Bibbey. I am an Master Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Human Performance Specialist. My life purpose is to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone I meet. I believe in facilitating real change in a real world for real people. I am able and geared to co-create permanent, positive change in the lives of my clients and students. I understand the principals of human behaviour and knows how to elicit information to facilitate real change and growth from individuals.

I have been Coaching and training life coaches for many years. Before my own coaching journey started year ago, I had a top management position at a large corporate organization and realized my passion to develop and empower people not only in the workspace but also in their personal capacity.

Growing up I experienced my own obstacles in life, and trough out my childhood and young adult life I fought an ongoing battle with bi-polar and depression, NLP gave me all the tools I needed to take charge of my own life and emotions. Integrating all the NLP principles into my own life allowed me to be a happy, successful, and balanced individual. Every day I stand in gratitude to live my purpose and to love life.

I am also a Motivational Speaker, that transfers skills and knowledge in my talks. Often motivational speakers tells you what to do, I like focusing on the HOW.

I have a passion for woman empowerment, and understand the complexities of the different rolls we us woman have to play in our daily lives.

My main areas of focus is awareness and alignment of self, replacing negative thought patterns and behavior patterns with positive ones. Positive internal dialogue and external communication. Ultimately focusing on unleashing your potential and achieving practical and emotional goals.

I recently completed my bachelor's degree in Holistic coaching and is in the process of completing my Masers degree.


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