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Perspective Training College
Perspective Training College

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South Africa

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Grietjie Street, Dassierand, Tlokwe Ward 6, Potchefstroom, Tlokwe Local Municipality, Potchefstroom, North West, 2522, South Africa

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Identifying, releasing and transforming human potential and effectiveness
• Tomorrow's Assessment Technology at your Fingertips Today!
• Empower and Motivate your staff!
• Use Ecometric Assessment measures to implement a purposeful
Intervention Programme!
• Enhance Future Independence!
• How much time do you waste to come to a vague and subjective
idea of your personnel's problems?
At PTC we believe that greatness lies in the unique potential of the individual and the way in which this potential is unleashed within the context in which the individual functions. Therefore we train ecometrists and therapists in the use of standardized, scientific measurement systems that empower them to map/profile the uniqueness of a person through exact identification and quantification of his/her psycho-social functioning within the defined environment, with reference to:
•core positive and negative elements that impact a person’s holistic functioning and behaviour within a defined
•a hierarchy of personal and/or work values
•leadership dynamics
•people orientated qualities
•task orientated qualities
•self orientated qualities
•emotional functioning
•interpersonal functioning
•spiritual functioning

Ecometrists and therapists are also trained in effectively utilizing the generated profiles to facilitate an organization in:
* determining the fit between candidates and jobs
* determining training needs and outcomes
* empowering and motivating staff
* enhancing future independence
* handling personnel problems, and
* in monitoring change in effectiveness and efficiency.

On completion of the studies the ecometrist and therapist will be able to use the ecometric tests and counseling skills in:
* personal settings (coaching and mentoring)
* educational settings (school and university)
* work settings (HR development)
* religious settings (churches)


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