Quantum Thinking | Deneera Singh

Quantum Thinking | Deneera Singh
Quantum Thinking | Deneera Singh

Postal Address
18 Teak Avenue, Ext 6
1827 Lenasia
South Africa

Visiting Address
18 Teak Avenue, Lenasia, South Africa

T: 0837935388
M: 0837935388
Quantum Thinking (a company, 2020/167152/07 registered in South Africa) established with the “soul” purpose of empowering people from all walks of life in becoming a greater version of themselves to enable purposeful living; people who are passionate about growth, personal development and curious about life. This will be achieved in an ethical, professional way in a supportive and compassionate environment providing honest feedback with the intent of growth and enlightenment through which the person will experience self-awareness and personal transformation.


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