E.S. (Edgar) Phillips

 E.S. (Edgar) Phillips
E.S. (Edgar) Phillips
Edgar S. Phillips 1st degree connection1str, and Trainer at The Neuro-Coach Method Inc.


Name Number Valid till
Certification (sub scope) ICR practitioner - mentor ICR.ICR PRACTITIONER - MENTOR.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).E.S. (EDGAR)-PHILLIPS.2016-04-01.DZSSMH 2025-01-01
Certification (sub scope) ICR practitioner - trainer ICR.ICR PRACTITIONER - TRAINER.CERTIFICATION (SUB SCOPE).E.S. (EDGAR)-PHILLIPS.2016-04-01.OVKXVS 2025-01-01
Certification (full) Coach ICR.COACH.CERTIFICATION (FULL).E.S. (EDGAR)-PHILLIPS.2016-04-01.8I2W3I 2025-01-01

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