Y. (Yimile) Ngqele

 Y. (Yimile) Ngqele
Y. (Yimile) Ngqele
The New Team Explosion provides business coaching services to individual leaders and managers to a variety of organizations involving businesses, government entities, non-governmental organizations and faith-based organizations. Training services are also provided to the leaders and managers of these organizations. These training services are also provided to learners that have obtained matriculation certificates and are following the careers in the fields of Leadership Development and Coaching. The matriculation programme includes the provision for a gap year in preparation for other higher education career paths. Unemployed graduates are prepared for the work place through the training programme, together with the Continuing Professional Development programme for coaches and trainers.
Learners and clients are supported by instruments including Mastermind Group seminars for like-minded people sharing ideas on the curriculum modules, leadership assessment tools such as on-line assessments and Leadership Game sessions and Leadership Seminars, Workshops and Conferences. In addition to facilitation and teaching in one-on-one sessions, team sessions and group sessions, the New Team provides speaking services in the form of keynote speaking engagements and motivational teaching on preferred topics.

At the heart of coaching, there are processes of self-discovery, awareness, choice and action. Coaching therefore is an intentional process which raises your awareness on where you are and who are you in your business journey. The coaching strategies of The New Team Explosion consists of taking time to assist you to understand “The Perfect You”. We partner with you to explore how your thinking processes are, how your worldview is and how are your relationships as a leader. We explore in a coaching alliance with you how you make decisions, what barriers are holding you back and stunting your personal, professional and business growth.
As soon as these areas of business and personal growth are established, we explore together possible options as the launching pad for implementation. We offer different perspective that expand your thinking and challenge your current thinking. We support you to gain insight into yourself and gain more insight and develop your ability to overcome limiting paradigms and achieve higher goals that you set for you and your organization.
Coaching is offered in both one-on-one basis as well as team and group settings. The one-on-one coaching sessions can be scheduled according to the time intervals that the client is comfortable with. Because there is someone walking beside you and equally committed to your business, your levels of responsibility and accountability are enhanced by these coaching sessions. The coaching client is able to see the relationship between the coaching sessions and the business results. In a team or group setting, the collective wisdom of a group enhances the quality of the coaching sessions. It also promotes team work amongst the participants.

According to Socrates: “No one can teach, if by teaching we mean the transmission of knowledge, in any mechanical fashion, from one person to another. The most that can be done is that one person who is more knowledgeable than another can, by asking a series of questions, stimulate the other to think, and so cause him to learn for himself.” The approach to The New Team Explosion teaching, is to teach the learner how to think and not what to think. The learner gets to learn from experience as well, both in winning and failures, losses and potholes that take place in the process of success. The teaching service provided by The New Team Explosion is tailored to enable the learner to discover the resources lying deep in their sub-conscious mind and the opportunities available in their environment, and balance these for the benefit of success of their business. Bruce Lee once said, “A good teacher protects his pupils from his own influence.” Galileo Galilei had this to say, “You can't teach anybody anything, only make them realize the answers are already inside them.” Our methodologies and approaches to teaching are meant to enable the learner to discover these answers inside them while protecting them from the influences of the teacher.
The New Team Explosion (through Yimile Ngqele the Director) has been licensed to use the teaching resources developed by Dr John Maxwell, the number one international writer, teacher and speaker. There are specified writing that are certified in this license. Teaching is directed at equipping those occupying leadership positions to grow and excel in what they do. It is also directed at managers who intend to transform into leaders. Professionals in various fields are also equipped to become leaders in their professional world. There are special programmes directed at the youth, to promote them making use of their leadership gifts and talents as well as prepare them for their future leadership roles when they become adults.
Presentation skills utilized during the teaching sessions develop with time to enable the facilitators to become professional speakers who get invited as keynote and motivational speakers on various topics.

To prepare the leaders or prospective leaders for their coaching and training engagements, The New Team Explosion has assessment tools at its disposal. The client may choose whichever tool is appropriate at that point in time of assessment. We have the on-line assessments provided by Yimile Ngqele through his John Maxwell website (www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/yimilengqele). There is the Leadership Game that is played by a group of six to ten members at a time, which provides communication and team building in addition to leadership assessments. There are other tools available from experts in neurological professions that are available in the market place, such as the Unique Qualitative assessments developed by Dr Caroline Leaf. The client is given an opportunity to choose amongst these tools when they require an assessment of their leaders and prospective leaders.

Masterminding entails the collaboration of like-minded individuals sharing ideas, experiences and advise each other as a team. The introduction of new and different perspectives on issues assists the participants to be lifted out of any thinking and behaviors that keeps them stuck in the past. Group accountability is promoted through the mastermind sessions and in-between activities. These group activities and sessions are conducted through various media options, such as teleconferencing, videoconferencing or web tools such as Skype. The sessions are organized around the time needs of the participants, including after hours or weekends.

Yimile is an experienced manager and leader in the field of Finance having served the public sector at Provincial and Municipal levels for a period of sixteen (16) years. His achievements and that of his teams include the turnaround of audit outcomes from adverse to unqualified.

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